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What color behind the price war?

What color behind the price war?

Industry information
2018/02/06 09:41
Recently the people who buy appliances may find that the home appliance stores in Yangcheng have played a promotional color TV ads. Summer in Japan to deal with air conditioners, refrigerators and other refrigeration equipment price promotions, businesses have played in the color TV body idea, which is why?
Businesses also hit color TV "price war"
The lowest discount even up to 6 fold
Since early August, Suning, Five Star, Exchange Bank and other major home appliance stores in Yang City, are prominently placed promotional posters color TV. Suning announced that 9 to 11 for the "grab color TV" activities, the audience TV prices "kill in the end." With Suning across the street from the Silver Appliances, also announced 2 to 11, engage in "ten days and ten" promotional activities, the audience TV prices to a minimum ... ...
Reporter visited a number of appliance stores found that many color TVs have given an attractive price: Sony 46-inch color TV 7.4 fold, priced at 4399 yuan; Samsung 50-inch LCD TV discounts lower, 6.3 fold for only 4999 yuan. Put in peacetime, the price of these two TVs are six or seven thousand dollars.
After comparing reporters found that each of the discount efforts are in the seventy percent, the lowest or even reached six fold. In terms of the same model, the price difference between each family within a hundred or two hundred dollars. Chen Mao Gang Suning Appliance Marketing Leader said that even to the National Day, but also promised not to have such a low discount appear.
Why the price war for color TV?
Pretty white in summer, color TV is the off-season
Careful readers may find that the price war opened the business, only for a color TV. Well, hot summer every household commonly used air conditioners, refrigerators and other electrical appliances, why not participate in promotions it?
Li Feng Suning Appliance Marketing Department told reporters that the home appliance industry in accordance with the appearance of color is divided into white and black appliances. White goods refers to the refrigerator, air conditioners, washing machines, etc .; and black appliances refer to television sets, computers, mobile phones. In general, the summer is the white goods sales season, is the black sales of home appliances off-season.
"Air conditioners, refrigerators and other refrigeration equipment, in such a hot day, every household should use, we are worried about selling." Li Feng said the color TV is the opposite, the general sales season is the color TV holiday, smaller sales in summer. "In order to stimulate the potential demand, but also to digest inventory, we launched a" grab color TV "battle." Li Feng said that this is a double benefit, for manufacturers, the recovery of funds; for consumers, with a lower Discount to buy color TV, to avoid the second half of the season when the price of "rising."
This reporter has learned that the price war of this business, only for color TV there are deep reasons: the reason why the price war can play, not the business have the final say, behind the business is the contest of all brands. How much discounts, is determined by businesses and manufacturers together. The fact is that in the first half of the color TV sales hot, an increase of 29%. Manufacturers want to come before the season, the continuation of this "brilliant."
Why the price war took place in August?
Release consumer potential, will be regular
In general, the home appliance industry in the annual May 11, Golden Week will engage in a "price war", each effort will be kept to a minimum. May 1, after 11, the price will return to normal levels. So why this year's price war will happen in August?
Li Feng told reporters that the reason why the "price war" between May 1 and November 11 was to release the consumption potential. "If consumers miss the 51, in order to get a lower discount, only to eleven. The middle of up to five months, five months for us is off-season." He said that for consumers For five months also seems long. "If your home TV is broken and you have a need for a TV, you have to wait for the first half of the year to buy it, and you are in a hurry." He said the promotion in August and mid-May was " Provide more choice. "
He Dahui, director of the market, Huiyin appliances also said that the appliance industry over-reliance on holidays. "Holiday is full, not enough to sell to transfer goods is normal. Usually rest, sales significantly less than holidays." He said that in order to change this imbalance, the need for more than a "artificial" holiday to stimulate consumption.
This reporter learned that the August color TV promotional activities, is the first time in home appliances shopping malls and 51 and engage in price war. "Since the beginning, I'm afraid you want to close the hand hard." Li Feng forecast, I am afraid, after the price war in August will be regular.
Price war is just stimulating consumption? Man-made section to fill the policy vacuum
According to the business argument, choose to engage in color TV price war in August, is to release the potential to stimulate consumption. However, the truth really as businessmen say, just to stimulate consumption?
This reporter has learned that one-year energy-saving subsidies for home appliances expire on June 1 this year. After June 1, the home appliance industry will no longer enjoy the support of any national policy. From the "two legs" in the past (trade-in, rural home appliances) to "one leg" (subsidies for energy saving) and then to today's "no legs".
Without the support of national policies, home appliance retailers have to "find another way out." Soon businesses found out that the "sales season" of the past 51 and 11 was not enough. They needed to artificially "make" another "shopping carnival." As a result, August TV price war came into being.






Add:ShiBei Ind.Estate. Le Tong XinHua Town,HuaDu District GuangZhou China