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Smart TV easy to use is the essence

Smart TV easy to use is the essence

Industry information
2018/02/06 09:43
This year, the pace of development of smart TVs once again accelerated a lot, some surveys show that the penetration rate of smart TVs in the domestic market has already exceeded 30%. The rise of smart TV makes the color TV industry become more active, because smart TV has a separate operating system, you can connect to the network, can download and install various types of applications. These factors have greatly increased its playability, interaction.
Manipulation is one of the decisive factors in determining the success of a smart TV, which is like the current smart phone that consumers are already familiar with. At present, there are mainly four ways to control the smart TV: one is to remodel the remote control of the traditional TV. At present, most smart TVs still retain a remote control, although the appearance is similar to the traditional remote control, but the function has been much stronger. Many remote controls include features such as touch pad, voice input, character input, somatosensory and some remote controls have become "air mice." The second is a multi-screen interactive technology, many color TV manufacturers now do both mobile phones also do the tablet, cell phone, tablet and TV interoperability through mobile phones and tablet remote control TV. The third is an external mouse and keyboard, smart TV external mouse and keyboard, the basic smart TV to achieve a PC-like operation, because most people are still accustomed to PC operation, so in this way to operate smart TVs will be very fast Get started. The fourth is the voice operation, using voice to remote control the TV.
So, the current control of smart TV how? This reporter recently came to Suning Beijing Sijia Qingqiao shop to experience some brands of smart TVs, smart TVs that manipulation is relatively mature than before. For example, the new Changhong smart TV products already have a sensitive voice control function, get rid of the dependence on the remote control; Hisense TV new TV programs by columns, time zones, user areas and other categories, the navigation interface is presented, consumers are operating the project At a glance, so you can easily watch without frequent change of Taiwan and so on.
However, reporters also found during the experience, and some operating experience is not perfect: some control feeling slow, delayed, human-computer interaction is not smooth; some remote control "air mouse" can only go straight, not with The user's wishes to go slash and curve, often appear misuse, really want to browse the Internet with the computer can not compare; gesture recognition and other control functions accuracy is poor; external mouse and keyboard, although the user quickly get started, but the mouse and keyboard or More suitable for Windows and other windowed operating system, the face of smart TV operating system, the PC's keyboard and mouse often make users feel overwhelmed, especially when switching input method, users often feel unable to start, because the user has become accustomed to Win-dows interface.
Changhong voice control is very powerful
At 13:00 on August 13, the reporter first came to Suning Beijing Sijiqingqiao shop Changhong sales area, after showing their satisfaction, Changhong sales staff are very enthusiastic to guide reporters to start the experience. Reporters experienced Changhong equipped with super-voice browser 65-inch B6000 series ultra-high definition U-MAX living room TV.
Smart TVs have been around for three or four years. Although Internet access is available nowadays, the actual effect is not satisfactory. One of the important reasons for this is that the user experience is so poor that it takes half a minute to enter the Internet address How many people can actually endure it? How to enhance the user experience of surfing the Internet TV has also become a thorny problem for the industry. After actual experience, this reporter felt Changhong smart TV equipped with a super voice browser web browsing more convenient and more practical, after all, the face of large-screen TV is not suitable for touch-screen operation, the mouse and keyboard are not Particularly direct and convenient.
In the end Changhong this voice mode of operation and other common voice mode of operation is different? Changhong Super Voice browser will bring TV to the Internet what changes? According to sales staff, from the point of view, Changhong Super Voice Browsing Voice control provided by the device can be achieved mainly through three ways: The first is through the ordinary remote control voice buttons to manipulate, this is the most common way. The second is a smart phone installed Changhong Super Voice browser, controlled by the phone, which is more complex than the first, but the sense of control better, but also for more in-depth operation. The third is through the built-in TV microphone for voice control, the relative ease, but the way a little publicity, and susceptible to other noise effects. From the actual experience of the reporter's point of view, the voice button on the remote control to operate the most simple, but may be due to the hardware configuration, the recognition rate is slightly lower than using a smart phone for voice control. However, using the software on the smartphone for voice control is not only convenient but also has a high recognition rate, but it is slightly complicated to download the related software on the mobile phone.
The reporter found that after powering on and opening up Changhong Super Voice Browser B6000 TV, you can see the entire TV browser interface design is extremely simple, the top of a user login area, enter the URL area and help prompt area, below the recommended hot site Fast entry. In the open page does not provide other features on the display area, provides the largest content display.
Conventional voice control to open the way you need to tap the voice button on the screen, and Changhong Super voice browser to open the way of innovation, just shake the phone, it will automatically open, and then say their needs can. In this way, users can really achieve blind operation. Such as facing the remote control said: "open Baidu", the page in about 2 seconds will automatically open the "Baidu search" page, but if you want to go to Taobao shopping, you only need to shout "open Taobao." Moreover, equipped with Changhong Super Voice browser TV also has a direct online download feature, to download WeChat, just open Baidu to find WeChat download page and then download. After downloading, the voice input "open download" will pop up a download content interface, you can sort by date and size, users only need to choose their own need to install.
The accuracy of voice input and whether to support the dialect input is the birth of voice control since we are more concerned about the two points. Through trial, the reporter found that Mandarin and Sichuan dialect almost no problems, and the recognition rate is very high. When using Mandarin and smart TV to carry out "Tang Poetry Dialogue," when a reporter shouts "Moonlight on the bed," Smart TV will first answer the reporter's "know it" and then say "suspected to be frost on the ground." In the experience, the reporter found that the TV's recognition rate for other dialects still needs to be improved, but this recognition rate has been greatly improved compared with the previous voice control.
Reporter saw, Changhong smart TV menu uses a Jiugongge design, this design style simplifies the steps to operate, such as from the "share" to the nearby personal center, favorites, add tags, and more at most only two steps Can be completed, very humane. However, in different scenes, the contents of their menus are still different, and each menu has one or two special features, mainly web browsing, multimedia, video playback and other interfaces.
The reporters found that the multimedia interface is actually a feature that requires the user to log in, and that is, the personal center of the main menu. When playing an online video and TV, the reporter sees the options such as sharing video, guessing you like, sharing space, viewing comments and exiting, and you can view the information related to this film actor and director and other related Video, highly relevant.
Throughout the experience, equipped with a super voice browser, Changhong smart TV has three features that reporters remember: First, full-voice control, from the main interface to the Internet browsing, video playback, weather information, word translation, application download, etc. You can achieve voice control, and video playback in the process of a control such as pause or acceleration, etc. can also be completed by voice control. The second is social sharing. Changhong Super Voice Browser simplifies this complicated process by interoperating with the content of smart devices such as TVs, mobile phones and PADs and sharing them in different places. The content includes music, pictures, video, Web pages, etc., for the exchange between friends and provides a new way. Third, minimalist interface, from the main interface to Jiugongge menu design, super-voice browser is to allow the visual field to be larger, so that operations more quickly, such as the browser there is no omnibus functional areas to compress the browser interface, Jiugongge The design makes all the options can be achieved quickly, but also reduces misuse.
Moreover, in the actual control experience, equipped with a super voice browser Changhong smart TV can respond continuously, support for multi-task simultaneous operation, and fast, in the previous operation page has not fully open, followed by the input of the second function When, can also be accurately implemented.
Of course, this kind of voice control Changhong also has an imperfect side, such as the current menu can not adjust the transparency, the video can provide a prompt to provide clarity, are still issues to be considered. In addition, in the course of a user's actual use, they also encounter various problems, but also hope Super Voice browser built-in a problem feedback entry, so that not only can get more information on product usage, but also through these Information to better develop, and then use the product to better feedback to the user. And reporters in the experience of Internet access also found that the opening of its Web site more slowly, I do not know because of the problem of bandwidth or smart TV hardware configuration.
Samsung gesture control function to be promoted
After experiencing Changhong's voice control, the reporter came to the Samsung Experience Zone to experience the Samsung ES8000 series smart TV that supports voice interaction and gesture recognition.
Reporter experience found that this series of smart TVs support voice control functions, such as volume control, channel switching. In addition to voice control features, the Samsung ES8000 Series smart TV also adds eye-catching gesture control features that allow users to control smart TVs from simple to complex functions through the recognition of the built-in camera. "After opening this function, users only need to select items by waving their palms, but to do a click like a mouse, they just need to hold their fists, and return only needs to be waved again "The staff told reporters. However, in the experience of reporters found that this feature is not very sensitive, when a reporter wants to open a video, the results of the TV appeared Caton, on the return to the previous menu, the TV's gesture recognition function was restored.
The reporter also found that while adding voice control and gesture recognition, the Samsung ES8000 series of smart TVs have also made some improvements to the traditional handheld remote control, and users can operate the TV as if using a mouse through its front-end touch pad. In addition smart touch remote control also built-in microphone, when the environment is noisy, the remote control will be to help you achieve voice control tool. In addition, this series of TVs also uses a dual-core processor that supports multitasking.
In addition to viewing, the entertainment experience is also a very important part of the content application, in addition to the regular APP applications continue to grow in this TV, the addition of family stories, children's area and 3D travel which contains a variety of sports Games, of course, also includes the design of somatosensory manipulation. The most surprising to reporters is that the game's somatosensory device in addition to the game dedicated handle, the phone can match.
Reporters through simple settings, they will handle the game together with the TV, and experience the game is very fun a badminton somatosensory game. After entering the game, they began a wonderful game. Cute little man in the picture began to serve in our hands and feet, and fierce competition for journalists to enjoy themselves. The emergence of somatosensory games, really can be described as health and entertainment correct. In addition to somatosensory games, some regular games are also very fun.
Basic necessities of life is the most concerned part of people's lives, rich applications in smart TV can be described as a good helper life, in many ways allows you to grasp a more comprehensive information, so as to maintain the status quo. This series of TV also built a lot of applications, such as weather forecasts can see the weather in different cities, and the next four days the weather conditions can be found, this is for travel, travel plans for the user, very useful. Subsequent life index features can also provide you with a lot of advice, some simple tips so that you can avoid some of the small state of life.
Reporter also conducted a Baidu map experience. After using the remote control to open, the map can be very precise positioning, you can easily see the current location on the map, and the map function on the computer, the TV Baidu map has the function of switching satellite map, After the switch, a real map immediately appear in front of reporters. More convenient is to check the route, when going to a strange place, the route is not very familiar words, where to enter in Baidu map from where, after which the system will plan for you the most convenient route, very easy to use ,intimate.
Hisense project is very user-friendly switch
After experiencing Samsung's gesture control, the reporter finally came to Hisense's sales area to experience Hisense VIDAATV. As a new product officially released by Hisense in April 2013, VIDAATV has become a key promotion product of Hisense.
Reporter experience found, Hisense VIDAATV and traditional smart TV into the smart interface there are different ways. Traditional smart TV and more have a smart home screen, all the features of the TV are not reflected in the integration of this interface, the equivalent of the user and smart TV portal. The Hisense VIDAATV for smart TV UI made no home page design, VIDAATV owned live, on-demand, multimedia center, APP application of the four plates using a direct way, the user according to the desired choice to enter the page. From the actual use of journalists feel, this approach does simplify some of the unnecessary control, function point is more clear, but because they used to see the smart home interface, each time you use less always feel something, maybe used to It will be natural.
VIDAATV's waterfall switchers, unobstructed menus, multitasking and memory, collectibles, referral, and more greatly embody a humanistic philosophy. The reporter found that for Hisense VI-DAA multi-tasking operation, the most intuitive feeling is that in the process of switching the four categories, Hisense VIDAA will automatically remember the breakpoint of the previous function, such as the application interface to play the cut fruit game, switch To the TV broadcast interface to watch the program and then switch to the application interface, you can actually continue to play cut fruit games, and ordinary smart TV often need to exit an application before they can enter another application.
This reporter has learned, Hisense VIDAATV recommended a total of four user platforms for the game, AI-WI, Variety game hall, LLK game hall and love games, of which love game and LLK game hall is Andrews Mall, which has many Android games, Users can choose to download and install, these games can choose to operate with the remote control. However, the reporter found that these games with the remote control is really inconvenient to operate, such as cutting fruit games, when playing with the remote control, because the reaction slow a lot of fruit will be missed, playability is not too high; and AIWI is a somatosensory game Of the hall, currently offers six somatosensory games, the same can also be operated with a remote control, compared with Andrews games, because much more is a great wave of remote control, somatosensory game






Add:ShiBei Ind.Estate. Le Tong XinHua Town,HuaDu District GuangZhou China