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Domestic TV subversion should be less banditry more courage

Domestic TV subversion should be less banditry more courage

Industry information
2018/02/06 09:37
Before, television companies do not play Internet thinking is backward; now, TV companies do not talk about subversion ashamed of people ... ... This is the true portrayal of the domestic smart TV industry. After the first TV show in the first subversion, the sleepy traditional TV manufacturers have repeatedly shouted slogans for the transformation of the Internet. With their singing and singing, there is a great tendency to push foreign TV brands out of China.
Display Search recently released data show that the country, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics accounted for almost half of the global television market in 2014. Among them, Samsung Electronics occupy the top 9.2% share of the world's ninth consecutive sales champion, the market share even super runner-up LG Electronics (16.7%) and third-place Sony (7.9%).
Self-intoxicated domestic TV brand
At the beginning of the year, brands such as LeTV, Xiaomi and Hisense all reported sun performance and claimed their market share or sales volume was among the best. Why is it that there are no domestic brands in the top three locations in the data of many international organizations? To be honest, the reports of LeTV, Xiaomi and Hisense are not boastful, they are just reports on a certain market segment.
On the whole, domestic TV brands are still in a very weak position. In the field of smart TV, Hisense, TCL, Skyworth and Changhong may sell some of the best products, but sales in the international market is hard to come by. This point, we can see from the sales volume.
Official data from China's TCL Group shows that in 2014, the company sold 17,177,463 LCD TVs (including commercial monitors), a year-on-year decrease of 2.76%. TCL's sales of intelligent network TV was 5.64255 million units, accounting for 32% of the company's total TV sales in 2014. According to third-party statistics, China Hisense 2014 LCD TV shipments worldwide are expected to be about 11.5 million units.
South Korea's Samsung Electronics official earnings report, in 2014 sold 51 million LCD TVs. South Korea's LG Electronics, third-party agencies estimated LG TV global LCD TV shipments in 2014 totaled 32 million units.
From the data point of view, sales of Korean TV products represented by Samsung and LG account for more than half of global TV sales. Fortunately, the domestic TV brands have successfully defeated the Japanese brand. Japan's Matsushita, Sharp, Toshiba and Sony three official data show that in 2014 the annual sales of LCD TVs are about 7 million units, of which Matsushita TV sales excluding Sanyo brand TV sales.
In the past year, domestic TV brands have made some achievements. However, the market share and Samsung, LG is still a big gap compared to blindly emphasize their leading position in the field of segmentation, not only Ah Q spirit, but the typical self intoxicated.
Domestic TV technology "flawed" in urgent need of a breakthrough
Strictly speaking, the Japanese TV brand was defeated, not because of domestic TV brands, but themselves. Over optimistic estimates of the future of 3D technology have led to the defeat of Japanese TV brands. At the same time, Korean enterprises represented by Samsung and LG did not devote too much to 3D display technology, but turned to 4K TV and curved TV. Japanese TV brands on the development of television technology errors, is an opportunity for domestic TV brands go-ahead.
Although domestic TV brands have surpassed Japanese brands, the two Korean TV brands, Samsung and LG, are two mountains that cross the road of domestic TV brands and are two unrivaled mountains. All along, the core technology of LCD TVs has been mastered in the hands of Japanese and Korean enterprises, from LCD panels to display modules, and panel technology, which is also a domestic TV brand "flawed."
From CRT to PDP, to LCD / LED, as well as the most fashionable surface screen technology, the core technology of TV is dominated by foreign TV brands. Therefore, the rise of domestic TV brands rely on the smart, dual-core, quad-core marketing vocabulary, rather than rely on core technology. The Samsung and LG Korean TV brands, relying on the core technology.
In recent years, consumers perceive 3D, 2K and 4K TVs, all of which are screen technologies. In this year's appliance fair, Samsung showed a 78-inch surface SUHD TV, or 4K television. It is reported that Samsung SUHD screen uses the latest patented technology Samsung, environmentally friendly nanocrystals and intelligent SUHD re-mastering quality engine, made in the contrast, brightness, color reproduction, details such as the emergence of a breakthrough to bring a full range of excellent quality Experience.
In addition to the screen equipped with the latest technology, Samsung is also embedded in the 78-inch curved surface TV, self-developed system Tizen operating system. In addition to the basic functions of smart TV, it also has the function of "wireless IGRS" sharing and "high speed enjoyment".
Samsung's rival LG naturally unwilling to lonely, released a 77-inch curved TV, using the independent research and development of OLED screen technology, also supports 4K. In the display technology, LG-led OLED screen technology, the screen contrast and details of the presentation has also made revolutionary progress. In the software level, LG Surface TV equipped with its own research and development of WebOS system. With the same 4K screen display technology, Samsung and LG take a completely different two roads.
Two Korean companies use self-developed screen display technology, while domestic TV brands are using two Korean-owned display technologies. Media reports said the end of last year, Skyworth curved surface screen TV, using the LG Disply 4-color 4K Air screen body, equipped with independent intellectual property rights 64-bit TV chip SOC64. Compared with Korean or Japanese TV brands, domestic TV brands more like a packer.
Admittedly, Internet TV, represented by LeTV and Xiaomi, set off a smart TV storm but the sales volume is far behind the traditional TV brands. In the past year, LeTV and millet sold less than 2 million units, less than the declining Japanese brand, which is enough to prove that marketing alone is difficult to support the future of domestic TV brands. The fact that Samsung and LG are leading in the market tells us that the domestic TV brands must break through the technology of "flawed" to have a future, otherwise the current beauty is nothing short of a flash in the pan.
In fact, any one industry is the same, blindly rely on marketing is difficult to succeed, this is more profound lessons of domestic mobile phone brands. Ten years ago, with the advantage of low price, the domestic mobile phone brands beat international brands such as Nokia, Samsung and Motorola in one fell swoop. After a short period of brilliant success, the domestic mobile phone brands were once again surrounded by international brands. In the field of television, the practice of domestic brands relying on the marketing of their superiors is similar to that of the bandits fishing in the Pangmen. Such an approach can achieve some accomplishments but hardly reach the atmosphere. Therefore, to truly subvert domestic TV, or less point of infuriating, more courage, after all, independent research and development is the breakthrough of the king






Add:ShiBei Ind.Estate. Le Tong XinHua Town,HuaDu District GuangZhou China