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Service Center

Service Center

First, the basic information
  1, under normal circumstances due to the quality of the product itself caused the fault, the warranty period, the company will be responsible for giving a limited warranty.
  2, the product warranty period announced by the Company in the product warranty period shall prevail.
  3, Three Guarantees quality commitment to products: "seven days Baohuan, one year warranty, life-long maintenance."
Second, the warranty policy
  1, the user, please properly save the warranty card and the purchase of the national tax bureau issued a standard invoice (receipt) or a copy. In the maintenance will be required to produce the above certificate as a warranty basis.
  2, the product warranty start date for the invoice (receipt) purchase date. However, if the invoice (receipt) purchase date is later than the shipping date plus the grace period of the product, the grace period of the product plus the delivery date plus the product is the starting date of the warranty.
  3, the grace period refers to the machine from the date of delivery of the factory until the final delivery or installation of the product for a period of time. There are different grace periods for different products, and the grace period is no more than 3 months.
  4, on-site service can not be provided in some areas. In the service area excluded by our company. Geographical barriers, unexplored roads, or areas where public transportation is not suitable for regular trips, repair services need to be negotiated and provided for an additional fee.
  5. The repaired machine will continue to enjoy the warranty service within the warranty period. If it has been less than three months from the end of the warranty period, the replacement spare parts will be warranted for a period of three months from the date of replacement.
  6, maintenance and replacement of spare parts owned by the company.
  7, Please keep this warranty card properly, without reissue.
  8, the product manufacturing location, see the instructions on the product box.
Third, the exception clause
  The following is not a warranty
  1, no product logo products
  2, due to faulty installation, operation (such as live broadcasting data cable, etc.), or in non-products under the working environment caused by the failure or damage (such as temperature is too high, too low, too wet or dry, too high altitude , Voltage or current instability, zero voltage is too large, etc.)
  3, due to accidents, applicable (including excess work load), damage caused by misuse
  4, due to improper storage (such as rodents, liquid infiltration, etc.) caused damage
  5, due to unauthorized disassemble repair or unauthorized modification or abuse caused by failure or damage
  6, due to non-authorized repair center to repair the damage
  7, due to human or natural disaster caused by failure or damage






Add:ShiBei Ind.Estate. Le Tong XinHua Town,HuaDu District GuangZhou China