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Company culture

Company culture

Corporate purposes
Provide innovative, excellent products, solutions and services to fully assist customers, businesses and employees to achieve successful experience.
Enterprise Positioning: to do comprehensive development of the industry group.
Business Positioning: To be a set of hardware and software development in one, technology and services lead the world leader in professional manufacturers.
Business Principles: To be highly responsible to customers and employees to seek common development.
Our Mission
Become the industry leader in technology, continuing to pursue customer satisfaction maximization.
Maintain and develop a leading position in the field of industrial technology. Become an expert in the industry
Use innovative high-tech technologies to help citizens feel civilized.
core value
Integrity, innovation, customer-oriented concept of the overall initiative and efficient pursuit of goals and rewards and punishments clearly
Honesty -
Real life, working diligently is the principle and fundamental of all the behaviors of enterprises and employees.
Correctly handle individual responsibilities and opportunities and advocate employee loyalty to the business.
Treat customers, partners must always adhere to the law, honesty business management, the pursuit of win-win results.
Treat your superiors, co-workers and subordinates with honesty and will never allow the use of measures against competitors to deal with internal relationships.
Innovation -
We should promote openness and equality, respect and stimulate employees' autonomy and innovation.
The pursuit of product and service innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, through innovation to produce high value-added products and services.
Customer orientation -
Maximize to meet the reasonable needs of customers.
Continuously innovative service model, carefully create "full service" brand.
Between the internal departments of the company, employees each other for customer relations, to support each other, enthusiastic service.
Global concept -
Resolutely oppose the ideology of selfishness and self-respect.
Enterprises are like-minded paradise, unwilling and disagreement with the company's core values ​​of people can not stay in the company.
Establish a global concept of collaborative work, sincere cooperation and advocacy teamwork.
We can not encroach or even harm others' interests for our own benefit.
In front of external challenges, the team defy the best, the courage to compete, the pursuit of excellence.
Active and efficient -
Quickly respond to the needs of users and the market, quickly solve the problem.
Pursue concise, fluid workflow, clear time and responsibility.
Take the initiative to take responsibility, take the initiative to ask and solve problems, take the initiative to communicate and collaborate.






Add:ShiBei Ind.Estate. Le Tong XinHua Town,HuaDu District GuangZhou China